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Richmond Hill Soccer Club

Fall 2020 Recreation Festival

I hope everyone is looking forward to the end of the season Recreational Festival on Saturday, October 31.  Make sure you double check your schedules online by clicking here, so you do not miss anything.  I wanted to share with you all the things we will have going on during the day.

Photo Opportunities
Sign Gypsies of Savannah will have a couple of displays set up so you can take individual and small group pictures. They will be set up close to the road in front of the concession stand, you can't miss it!!  A big thanks to Amy Greene for setting this up for us, if you need a yard sign she is the person to contact

There will be an area set up close to the fence along the lake side with a goal and a banner for team pictures as well

Pizza and Drinks
Once you finish your last game, we ask that you make your way to the front of the concession concession stand area (you will see tables set up).  There will be multiple teams finishing up at the same time so please spread out as much as possible once you get there.  Marco's Pizza is supplying pizza to all the players and coaches, thanks goes out to Michael Allen from Marco's Pizza.  Hoist, Science of Hydration, is providing drinks for everyone as well.  We want to thank these great sponsors of the club for their help.

We want to say a few words to everyone quickly and then we will call up each individual team to get the pizza, drink and a gift from the club. 

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday for what should be a great day!!

Charlie Morgan - Executive Director, Richmond Hill Soccer Club