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Adult Recreation Rules

Registration Rules

  • Teams on the field shall consist of 8 Players (7 Field players plus GK)

  • Roster size is minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 14 players

  • Only paid players will be added to the official roster

  • Players will have current player pass via GA Soccer

  • A player can only be rostered to one team

  • Players can sign-up at anytime during the season if space permits

  • Any team caught playing an “illegal player” will receive an automatic forfeit and may face additional sanctions including suspension from the League


Pre-Game Rules

  • All players should be 18 years of age and older and not a current High School Student

  • Players will be checked in before the game via Official GA Soccer Roster.  All players must present a valid player pass.

  • Each player must be listed on the official roster before being allowed on the field

  • A minimum of 4 players is needed to start the game

  • Each team is responsible for providing one game quality ball.


Field & Goals

  • 80yds x 55yds field size

  • 7ft x 21ft goal size


  • Each player is required to wear shin guards that are covered entirely by socks.

  • Home team will wear the light jersey and the away team will wear the dark jersey.  ALL PLAYERS ARE REGUIRED TO HAVE THE OFFICAIL LEAGUE JERSEY, NO EXCEPTIONS.  They must be purchased through Lloyds Soccer at the following link:

  • Goalkeepers must wear colors which distinguish them from all other players and referees.  Wearing a pinnie or bib is acceptable.

  • Molded cleats, turf shoes, or flat-soled soccer shoes may be worn (no metal of any kind, no studded or screw-in shoes).


Playing Rules

  • FIFA rules shall apply unless otherwise stated.

  • Opposing players must remain 8 yards away on any restart

  • Unlimited substitutions on any dead ball for either team with permission from the referee.  Substitutions are not allowed while the ball is in play. 

  • Substitute players are to remain in the player bench area.

  • No offside fouls.

  • No slide tackles (automatic yellow card).  A player may slide when it is not a tackle.  Minimum distance is 2 yards away from another player, but this rule is at the discretion of the referee.

  • Any player that receives a yellow card must sit out for two minutes.  The team may not replace the player for the entire two minutes, even if a goal is scored against.

  • No two-footed tackles (automatic red card)

  • Any player receiving a Red Card will automatically sit out 2 games.  Any player that receives a Red Card for fighting or abusing Referee will be suspended for the duration of the season.  I will be at the discretion of RHSC if those player will be allowed to register for the program again


  • 1 hour (25 min halves with 10 min halftime)

  • Running clock - no stoppage time added for injuries, etc

Start of Play

  • Kickoff will be given to the home team. Visitors will have kickoff at the start of the second half.

  • A kickoff will start the game and restart the game after a goal has been scored.

  • Teams will change direction at half time and alternate kickoff.

  • A goal can be scored directly from a kickoff.

  • The ball does not have to go forward from a kickoff.


Out of Bounds

  • The ball is out of play when the entire ball crosses the sideline/end line, or contacts the overhead netting or other overhead objects.

  • A throw-in, corner kick, or goal kick will be awarded when the ball goes out of bounds.

  • A throw-in may not go directly into the goal.

  • Player has 5 seconds to put the ball back into play.


  • FIFA rules apply when passing back to the goalkeeper.

  • Goalkeeper may slide inside the penalty box leading with either hands or feet if done safely and with intent to play the ball, subject to the referee's discretion.

  • No punting or dropkicks are allowed by the keeper.  Infraction of this rule will result in an indirect free kick 3 yards outside the box.

Standings and Tie-Breakers

  • Tie games remain in pool play

  • Tie breakers for regular season standings will be as follows:

    • Head to Head

    • Goal Difference (+-5 per game)

    • Goals Against (max 5 per game)

    • Goals For (max 5 per game)

    • Most Shutouts

  • During the playoffs, a tie at the end of regulation will result in a 5 minute overtime period to be played.  If still tied, the match will go into a best out of 5 penalty kicks, then sudden death penalty kicks.

Free Kicks

  • All free kicks are direct, except for own team backpass to the goalkeeper or goalkeeper punting infractions, which are both indirect.

  • Ball is in play when it moves from foot contact by the initial player.

  • Opposing players shall be 8 yards from the ball.

  • Player taking a kick cannot play it again until someone else touches the ball.

  • If an opponent refuses to move back 8 yards on referee's request, he may be given a yellow card for unsportsmanlike behavior.

  • If a player taking the kick delays for longer than five (5) seconds after having been signaled to do so by the referee, the opposing team will be awarded the kick.

  • Opposing players must stand outside of the penalty box during a goal kick.