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Overview - Adult Recreation

The RHSC would like to introduce an Adult Recreation program that falls in line with our club vision and mission.

The league is recreational, first and foremost. Players' skills will range from: 'have never played before' to 'have been playing since very young'. The majority of players are here for their enjoyment in another social environment, to improve their skills, or to simply enjoy another form of activity.  The bottom line is that we want it to be enjoyable for everyone.

During the inaugural year, there will be a Winter season and Summer season. The number of games will depend on the number of teams participating, but we hope to offer at least 7 games for each team with a single elimination playoff.  Specific season dates can be found on the overview page.

The cost for is $100 per player.  A light and dark game jersey is required to be purchased through local vendor Orange Dog.  The jerseys will be good to wear through Summer 2022 Season.

Teams are always looking for teammates/players, even mid-season. Give it a try, see how you like it. Chances are you know someone or have friends on one of our teams. If you know what team you would like to be on, please list it and we will try to accommodate you….if not, leave blank and we will add you to an open team.
Hopefully, we will see you on the field.

For more information on the Adult Recreation program email [email protected].


  1. 7v7 soccer coed league

  2. Ages 18+

  3. 80yds x 55yds field size

  4. 7ft x 21ft goal size

  5. Game duration: 1 hour (25 min halves with 10 min halftime)

    1. Running clock - no stoppage time added for injuries, etc

  6. Women’s goals worth 2pts.

  7. Two seasons: Summer (June-Aug) and Winter (Jan-Mar)

    1. Full season (10-12 games/depending on # of teams)

    2. Playoffs (single elimination and everyone is seeded according to their regular season results)

  8. Games for the inaugural season will be played on Sunday afternoons and evenings

  9. No scheduled or required practices

  10. Licensed referee for all games

  11. Georgia Soccer affiliation which offers supplemental insurance for medical injuries

  12. Approximate Season Dates: January 3rd-March 7th